Photos of our beautiful place are coming.

In our cafe, you will find a lot of different kinds of coffee, teas and herbs that smell awesome and taste delicious. The best part is that you can choose exactly what you like and make it how you like it! How, you asked? Well most of the food and all the drinks are self-service and you can look around for something that fits best your mood of the day. Plus, if you search for specific tastes or health benefit, we have everything labeled for you to find what you need or discover something new. You can drink it to your heart content!

You can also get a bite to eat at any time. From breakfast until dinner! We have lots of different kinds of cereals, cookies and cakes but also quiches, soup, etc. We will start small but we plan to have an answer for every kind of empty stomachs!

Cold drinks like lemonade, kombucha, natural soda and fruit juices are also available.

The atmosphere is also really homy and there are lots of plants and decorative ideas to bring you back to nature right from the middle of Wrzeszcz. To accommodate everyone, we have a 12 people central table plus other comfortable seated areas. 

If you want to reserve a table, please contact us at 691-933-851.